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Westfield Online Learning

    While the Department of Education is working hard for the resumption of classes, most of the private schools in our country are looking for ways on how to address the new normal where learning is delivered without the physical interaction normally experience by both the students and teachers inside a classroom.

        This new chapter in education due to the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed Westfield Science Oriented School to re-engineer the modalities of lesson delivery and the importance of providing different learning tools without compromising the quality of the Science and Math curriculum that Westfield SOS is known for. Among the key insights that Westfield highlights in its New Learning pedagogy can be summarized as follows:

1. That interaction between teachers and students is viable and workable through the use of online or distant meeting platforms such as ZOOM for Education.

2.  That continuous and quality education can be experienced by the students through an intensive delivery of learning materials using an on-demand learning platforms where students can choose to revisit or pick a time schedule for a particular lesson or assessment. This learning modality will be experienced by the student using the Westfield’s LearningBoard Learning Platform.


LearningBoard Learning Platform

    LearningBoard is a customized cloud-based learning platform developed and acquired by Westfield to address its lesson delivery requirements. LearningBoard can be accessed remotely anywhere and anytime by the student through the internet. The platform’s design consists of interface panels for live video lessons, pre-recorded lessons, announcements and assessments. The graphic user interface is very intuitive, understandable and user friendly. A student who uses this platform can remotely and easily;

1. Join a Zoom Class without undergoing the intricacies of typing the Zoom Meeting ID or Password,

2. Access pre-recorded lessons;

3. Access and take scheduled quizzes, assignments, seat works etc.

4. Download activities prepared by the teachers.

    Westfield is continuously evolving by honing its technical expertise to overcome the learning gaps that a student may experience in today’s new normal by finding innovative ways in online learning.


       We are also inviting all stakeholders in Westfield education to work together and seize the moment so that our student’s education is stronger and more inclusive after this pandemic.

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A Westfield Online Learning Innovation

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